Reflections on South Africa, from an economic history perspective

Johan Fourie is professor of Economics at Stellenbosch University.

I teach economic history to undergraduate and graduate students and writes frequently on the topic, either by contributing to research or for a more popular audience, as columnist and blogger.

My greatest wish is to be cited in a Nobel lecture, preferably by one of my students.


Fourie, J. and Greyling, J., 2023. Wheat productivity in the Cape Colony in 1825: evidence from newly transcribed tax censuses. Agrekon.
Fourie, J. and Garmon Jr, F., 2022. The settlers’ fortunes: Comparing tax censuses in the Cape Colony and early American republic. The Economic History Review.
Martins, I., Cilliers, J. and Fourie, J., 2022. Legacies of loss: The health outcomes of slaveholder compensation in the British Cape Colony. Explorations in Economic History.

Wat maak Jeremy Irons in die reënwoud? Waarom speel die Japannese rugby? Hoe kon ’n fliek Stalin in die verleentheid stel? En wat het ’n Indonesiese vulkaan, Frankenstein en die Groot Trek in gemeen?

Dit is maar enkele van die vrae wat die gewilde Rapport-rubriekskrywer, Johan Fourie, onderhoudend verken in hierdie heerlik leesbare ekonomiese geskiedenis wat strek van die migrasie uit Afrika 100 000 jaar gelede tot vandag.



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