Reflections on South Africa, from an economic history perspective

Johan Fourie is professor of Economics at Stellenbosch University.

I teach economic history to undergraduate and graduate students and writes frequently on the topic, either by contributing to research or for a more popular audience, as columnist and blogger.

My greatest wish is to be cited in a Nobel lecture, preferably by one of my students.


Fourie, J. and Greyling, J., 2023. Wheat productivity in the Cape Colony in 1825: evidence from newly transcribed tax censuses. Agrekon.
Fourie, J. and Garmon Jr, F., 2022. The settlers’ fortunes: Comparing tax censuses in the Cape Colony and early American republic. The Economic History Review.
Martins, I., Cilliers, J. and Fourie, J., 2022. Legacies of loss: The health outcomes of slaveholder compensation in the British Cape Colony. Explorations in Economic History.


Decoding the Stellenbosch mafia.

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@catullusfan writes about truth in historical fiction in a guest post on Our Long Walk.

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Poverty affects decision-making.

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New #econhist papers, Sep 2023.

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Should you marry for #genetics or #wealth?

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@wandilesihlobo's new book examines dualism in South Africa's agricultural sector.

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What can we learn from Ancient Mesopotamia?

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On 21 December 1687, Louis Faurite signed the church register in Amsterdam's Walloon Church. 336 years and 10 generations later, his descendants visit again.

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My keynote at the European Historical Demography congress.

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Historical demography dinner