Economic historian.

The past is a foreign country.

Teacher and supervisor.

My students are wizards.
Sometimes all they need
is a wand.

Columnist and blogger.

I’d rather be a comma than
a full stop.

Explorer and photographer.

Travel teaches one how to see.


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Johan Fourie is professor of Economics and History at Stellenbosch University.

I teach economic history to undergraduate and graduate students and writes frequently on the topic, either by contributing to research or for a more popular audience, as columnist and blogger.

My greatest wish is to be cited in a Nobel lecture, preferably by one of my students.

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June 2021: A tale of paper and gold: The material history of money in South Africa. EHDR.
May 2021: The correlates and consequences of the 1918 influenza in South Africa. SAJE. Working paper.
March 2021: Health inequality and the 1918 influenza in South Africa. World Development. Working paper.
February 2021. When Cape slavery ended: Introducing a new slave emancipation dataset. Explorations in Economic History. 
January 2021: A Tale of Paper and Gold: The Material History Money in South Africa. Economic History Working Papers No 323.